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created by
Meghan Turner-Patel to inspire life's marathon with
fashion, cocktail recipes & joy 


Founder of Martinis & Marathons, Meghan Turner-Patel
Martinis & Marathons: Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

Hello, All!


Thank you for visiting Martinis & Marathons! I created this little piece of the internet to capture a few of my passions: fashion, well-being and -- of course -- martinis. After all, life’s a marathon, and such passions help make the journey more joyful, right?


My own life-marathon has moved me around a bit, so maybe the best way to introduce myself is to elaborate on my life in the cities I've called home:


St. Louis: I’m a born-and-raised Midwestern girl from The Lou!

Des Moines: I studied journalism, marketing and graphic design at Drake University, and later worked as an assistant editor at Traditional Home magazine.

Chicago: To help jump-start Chicago's budding fashion scene, I launched its first local fashion website, StyleAdmirer, which I folded after moving to sunny…

Los Angeles: I lived in West Hollywood, married my husband and was a lifestyle content production manager.

London: I resided in charming Covent Garden and was blessed to gallivant around Europe. I mostly traveled alone, which I highly recommend everyone do at least once – such an amazing experience!   

Denver: My new home-sweet-home, where I’m avidly exploring this exploding city and its surrounding mountains!


Again, thank you for being here! I hope some of my passions inspire your life-marathon as well. 



Meghan Turner-Patel 

P.S. If you have a style or wellness question – or content idea – feel free to drop me a line, and I'll get back to you!  

cheers to a stylish, joyful life