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created by
Meghan Turner-Patel to inspire life's marathon with
fashion, cocktail recipes & joy 


Here personal trainer Charis Cook shares the most effective exercises women can do to tone up key body parts, from the shoulders to abs to glutes.

Eating before and after a workout is crucial to see results. Here fitness expert Jessica Furey gives recommendations and tips for pre- and post-workout meals.

Nail polish can be a toxic beauty product. Here are the chemicals to avoid -- and why -- as well as health-conscious brands with shades that'll make you swoon.

Looking to tone up those arms for tank-top season? This muscle-building, fat-burning workout is designed to quickly get the job done.

I talked to health expert Jessica Furey about the foods she deems important to our well-being. These five super foods are delicious, easy to eat and packed with health benefits.

Lately I've been getting a lot of questions about starting my business. Here, I'm sharing my path to work-life balance, as well as tips for starting a business.

For the second installment in our workout series, trainer Charis Cook and I grabbed our kettlebells. This legs, butt and abs workout will torch calories and shape muscles.

To celebrate Earth Day, here are 15 super-easy tips for everyday eco-conscious living. In fact, not only do they help the environment, most make life easier, cheaper and safer!

People often ask me what skincare products I use, so here I'm sharing some of my absolute favorites. Trust me, they're magic.

I'm so excited to announce my collaboration with Coach Charis Cook! Each month, she's designing a super-effective workout, like this killer ladder circuit.

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cheers to a stylish, joyful life

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