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Cheers! Sparkling Rosé Mimosa Recipe

July 13, 2017



The idea for this cocktail came from a recent trip to Milwaukee. I was there to see one of my best friends and her gorgeous new house. She took me to brunch at this adorable spot called Moxie, and we quickly noticed they served regular mimosas and rosé mimosas. Rosé mimosas? Genius! It's such a simple and seemingly obvious concoction, but I hadn't seen the combo anywhere else.


The rosé gives the mimosa a more floral, interesting flavor profile than a traditional brut, while the bubbles and sweetness from the orange juice are still there to deliver everything that makes a mimosa so delicious. 


Give this version a try at brunch this weekend! 






Sparkling Rosé Mimosa Recipe


The Ingredients:

2.5 ounces of sparkling rosé

2.5 ounces of orange juice


The Mixology:

1. Pop your bottle of sparkling rosé

2. Pour the rosé into a flute and top with the oj 


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